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Licensed Home Inspector Darrell Knight

25+ Years Working with Homes

Your home inspector, Darrell Knight, has extensive experience with residential properties. He’s spent 25+ years performing home remodeling and repair jobs as a contractor. Darrell’s primary contracting clients are house flippers, which means they typically purchase homes that need a lot of repairs.

Darrell decided to become a licensed home inspector himself after realizing how hard it was for other local inspectors to find anything wrong with the houses he flipped.

He takes pride in knowing what to look for and will make you aware of issues big and small. His background experience includes plumbing, HVAC, construction, and personally repairing every single system within residential homes.   

Home Inspector Darrell Knight
Home Inspector Darrell Knight

Home Inspector Qualifications

Darrell has even more to offer than his 25+ years of hands-on remodeling experience. He’s also fully licensed as a home inspector and contractor, along with being a member of the inspection industry’s largest professional organization. 

An Honest & Fair Klamath Falls Home Inspector

Darrell strongly believes in taking an ethical approach to each home inspection. He will put his proven attention to detail to work for you, ensuring that you don’t end up with a lot of missed issues.

His dedicated commitment to accuracy is always pledged toward the client, but he’s also going to be fair on all sides. In other words, Darrell will point out every problem he finds, but he won’t exaggerate or invent issues, either. 

Home Types That Darrell Inspects     

Every home inspector specializes in certain building styles or home values based on their area and experience. Darrell is happy to work with:


Homes of all Values





As a Klamath Falls, OR area inspector, most of the residential homes he inspects are valued between 200K and 250K.

Darrell’s Dedication to Continual Growth   

Even during his off-time, Darrell is most commonly found working on home repair projects or learning new tips related to building or fixing things. He understands that no one can know everything, and he’s always trying to learn new skills.

Becoming a home inspector has been very personally rewarding for Darrell. He loves it that every inspection is different and provides new learning opportunities.    

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